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MARCH 11th – OCTOBER 1st

Contrary to what we often say, the history of Imperial Rome is not based only on the Colosseum. Actually, around the Flavian Amphitheatre, there are several places and archaeological sites that can help to better comprehend the origins of the city, from the archaic age to the late Empire.

With this special SUPER ticket, it will be possible for you to access special areas of the Palatine Hill and of the Roman Forum, to examine in detail the roman daily life and the artistic aspects of several hidden gems.

  • Neronian Cryptoporticus, used as connecting corridor to several rooms of the Imperial Palace
  • Palatine Museum, it will allow you to discover the history of the first Roman settlement and you will admire here fragments of the old temples that used to decorate this hill.
  • Aula Isiaca – Loggia Mattei, a perfect match between the roman art and the Renaissance
  • House of Augustus, amazing frescoes and the private little study of the first Roman emperor
  • House of Livia, Augustus’ wife, frescoes of the same style of the House of Augustus
  • Temple of Romulus, turned into a the crypt of the Church of St Cosmas and Damian, today decorated with medieval religious frescoes
  • Santa Maria Antiqua, very old little church inside the Roman Forum, with frescoes of different ages created one on top of the others. This incredible place will show you the development of the religious styles during centuries

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