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The Rome Guides Cultural Association is composed of a group of professionals in the tourism sector (Guides, Escorts and Interpreters), eager to provide their expertise and professionalism to promote the cultural and environmental heritage of the Capital. Our aim is to promote and enhance the historic, artistic, archaeological and folklorist tradition of Rome.

Within this site, you will not find any price for the Rome Guides Private Tours. We always prefer to establish a direct contact (by email or phone) to get to know you and build a tailor-made Guided Tour. Therefore, just have a look at Our Tours and then contact us to assemble together your holiday! The Tours on our website are not an exhaustive list!

So, just three steps: choose a destination among the Rome Guides Private Tours, build your itinerary with us, and let us be your Guide.

Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Rome Guides Private Tours, Home, Rome Guides


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Imperial Rome

The Imperial Rome Tour allows you to visit the beating heart of Ancient Rome. Forget the traffic and immerse yourself in history! We will start from the Roman Forum, the centre of the social, religious and political life of Ancient Rome, enclosed between two hills: the Palatine and the Capitol…

St. Peter & Vatican Museums

With the St. Peter and Vatican Museums Tour we will access the Vatican City State, which today represents the pulsating centre of the Catholic Church. The St. Peter’s Basilica, built in the 4th Century by Constantine over the tomb of the Apostle, was entirely rebuilt in the Renaissance by extraordinary architects…

City Center

The Rome City Center Tour will take you on a walk through the extraordinary views of the Historical Center of Rome. You will have so the opportunity to understand the historical stratifications and artistic evolutions of the city. We will start from the perspective of Piazza di Spagna, with the famous Spanish Steps…

Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery Tour will take you inside an absolute jewel among the Roman museum collections. In fact, the Borghese Gallery represents the apotheosis of 17th century Roman collecting, thanks to the wise and sometimes transgressive work of Cardinal Scipione Borghese. The Gallery is located inside the…

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Museums & Galleries

The Museums and Galleries Tour will allow you to visit world-class public and private museums in Rome. As a first option, the Capitoline Museums. The superb Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, the Capitoline She-wolf and the Spinario are just some of the wonderful works of art that we will examine in…

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The 4 Main Basilicas

The Main Basilicas Tour wants to retrace an ancient medieval tradition, founded by Pope Boniface VIII. He promoted the celebration of the Jubilee, so that pilgrims obtained a plenary indulgence by visiting the major Roman Christian basilicas. We will therefore begin with the Basilica of St. John in Lateran, the…

Caravaggio Tour

The Caravaggio Tour aims to allow the analysis of Caravaggio’s pictorial work, which has given Rome an unmissable series of paintings, six of which are hosted in three churches. So, the “master of light” will have no more secrets for you! We will start with the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo where, in the Cerasi Chapel…



The Trastevere Tour offers you the opportunity to visit a Rome far away from the modern chaos and confusion. Trastevere is a very special district, where the inhabitants consider themselves first Trasteverini and only later Roman citizens. You will love the atmosphere of this corner of Rome! The Trastevere Tour…

Monti District

The Monti District Tour will allow us to learn about the history and the development of what is today considered the “first district of Rome”. We will investigate the events that led to the foundation of some of the most important churches in all of Rome. Our visit will start from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, which…

Rome by night

With the Rome by Night Tour you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Rome in a romantic atmosphere, now far from daytime traffic. We will start our tour from the Colosseum, romantically illuminated, examining its history and traditions, and then we will move in front of the solemn Arch of Constantine. It will…

Ancient Ostia

The Tour of Ancient Ostia offers the opportunity to dedicate yourself to an excursion just outside the capital. It allows you to take an extraordinary leap back in time, visiting a turbulent mercantile and harbour city. Its name in Latin means “mouth of the river“: in other words, Ancient Ostia was once situated…

Villas of Tivoli

The Villas of Tivoli Tour will take us close to the Tiburtini Hills, in an area rich in sulphurous springs, tuff and travertine quarries. There, the extraordinary ruins of Villa Adriana stand out today. The remains of the villa narrate in detail the grandeur of the private residence built by the Emperor Hadrian to commemorate…