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Roman Forum Virtual Guided Tour

Roman Forum Pro Walks

VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE ROMAN FORUM The Roman Forum is one of the main sites of Rome, the heart of the Ancient City. When you come to the Eternal City, you can’t miss it. Because of the lockdown due to the pandemic of 2020, Pro Walks and Rome Guides decided to start a cooperation in […]

Raphael at the Scuderie del Quirinale

raffaello al quirinale

MARCH 5th – JUNE 2nd In order to mark the 500-year anniversary of the death of the artist, the Scuderie del Quirinale presents in collaboration with the Uffizi Gallery, the exhibition RAFFAELLO. A monographic exhibit, with more than 200 masterpieces like paintings, drawings and related works, dedicated to the artist died on April 6th 1520 […]

Visit Museums with MIC Card

Rome has introduced a new museum pass that entitles the capital’s residents to unlimited access to city-run museums for 12 months from the date of purchase.The €5 Mic card is reserved exclusively for permanent residents of Rome, both Italian and foreign, as well as temporary residents such as students, however it will not be available […]

The Emperor Claudius – Messalina, Agrippina and the shadows of the dinasty

ARA PACIS MUSEUMAPRIL 6th– OCTOBER 27th The Ara Pacis Museum, in cooperation with the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, organizes a major exhibition, that will let you discover life and personality of the controversial Roman Emperor, Claudius. This special display of works will bring to light his political and administrative traits (the gem of the […]

Super Ticket – Palatine and Roman Forum

DISCOVER THE SECRET ORIGINS OF THE ANCIENT ROMEMARCH 11th – OCTOBER 1st Contrary to what we often say, the history of Imperial Rome is not based only on the Colosseum. Actually, around the Flavian Amphitheatre, there are several places and archaeological sites that can help to better comprehend the origins of the city, from the […]

Domus Aurea: restoration and virtual reality

MARCH 1st– DECEMBER 1st Nero’s Palace opens with Guided Tours every Saturday and Sunday. A real journey through time, an emotional and innovative adventure in the panorama of technologies applied to the cultural heritage. Today, you can visit the areas of the Residence developed on the Oppio Hill: these areas were probably used forcelebrations and […]

Rome in the dark room

MUSEUM OF ROME – PALAZZO BRASCHIMARCH 27th– SEPTEMBER 22th The photographic archives of the Museum of Rome Palazzo Braschi have provided a vast number of photographs that tell the story of the Capital of Italy between 1839 (considered the date of birth of the modern photography, thanks to the patent requested by Daguerre in Paris […]

Leonardo da Vinci – Science before science

Scuderie del QuirinaleMarch 13th – June 30th More than a simple tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci, on the 500th anniversary of his death, happened in France (Amboise) on May 2 nd 1519. Leonardo da Vinci was not only a traditional inventor, able to create amazing machines and technological devices. He was a painter, a sculptor, […]

Rome and its beauty

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