The Cultural Association Rome Guides organizes not only Private Guided Tours in Rome and Province, but we really love to see the tourists visiting our city following their favourite Roman Itineraries, on their own, studying and reading during the strolls. The cultural deepening, from the historical and artistic point of view, must always be valued, even more so during a holiday.  

For this reason, we have decided to include in the Rome Guides website a huge list of Itineraries of Rome, to give you the opportunity to visit the Eternal City also in an absolutely independent way. Each District of the City has been divided into a large number of different routes, of variable duration and difficulty, to give you the opportunity to freely choose which of them to dedicate yourself to, and with what depth.

Don’t expect a classic schematic and hyper-deep guidance. Our aim is to satisfy your curiosity, providing you with a linear and interesting path, which obviously can in no way be exhaustive, as it would not take a lifetime to know Rome. 

In some cases, the tours of the Rome Guides Cultural Association that best suit the specific Itinerary will be recalled: so, if you prefer to discover the beauties of Rome through the experience and expertise of a professional Tourist Guide, you can just contact us.

As we always say, do as Romans do. Now, you have just to have a look to our Itineraries, starting to discover Rome with us!