The Cultural Association Rome Guides organizes not only Private Guided Tours in Rome and in the Province area, but really loves to see the tourists visiting our city following their favourite Roman Itineraries, on their own, studying and reading during the strolls. The cultural deepening, from the historical and artistic point of view, must always be valued, even more so during a holiday.

Rome is not only Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Colosseum or Piazza Venezia, Saint Peter Basilica or Historical Center. Every square, every road, every place, every corner of Rome hide an entire world of amazing secrets that can be shared with people in search of them. Enjoy Rome at sunset, during a hot summer or in rainy day of November, hearing the sounds of every stone of the city, standing in the middle of a hidden square, appreciating a panoramic view froma secret terrace, discovering a secret fresco by Raphael in a small church, opening the door of your spirit: live your adventures on your own, seeing every single corner of the roman neighborhoods. Literally, do as the Romans do!

For this reason, we have decided to include in the Rome Guides website a content with a huge list of Itineraries of the Eternal City, to give you the opportunity to visit Rome also in an absolutely independent way. Each District of the City has been divided into a large number of different routes, of variable duration and difficulty, to give you the opportunity to freely choose which of them to dedicate yourself to, and with what depth.


Don’t expect a classic schematic and hyper-deep guidance. Our idea is not to offer you just a simple list of the most famous and popular monuments of Rome and Vatican City, from the Roman Forum to the Spanish Steps, from Piazza del Popolo to the Trevi Fountain. Our aim is to satisfy your curiosity, providing you with a linear and interesting path, which obviously can in no way be exhaustive, as it is not enough a lifetime to know Rome.

The Pantheon has its own history, the Ancient Rome section can be rich of anecdotes, Piazza Navona is the baroque stage of the city, but it is enough to pass over them and turn three or four streets to discover the secrets of an unknown church, to enjoy the atmosphere of the Campo de’ Fiori market, to stop and eat the local street food, to feel the chills for the crimes committed over the years around the Termini Central Station, to walk along the Tiber river during the night.

Spend the time exploring the city, move your eyes on left and right, note every single detail: Monti, Testaccio, Prati are not only simple names of the Wards, but they represent the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can lead you over the centuries, from Augustus to the Renaissance, from the Roman Empire to the modern attractions.

As Pink Floyd would sing, it is the “dark side of the moon“: with our Roman Itineraries, you could spend your days in Rome climbing the walls of your indipendence; you could follow your plan, going to have lunch in your favourite restaurants or buying a skip the line ticket for Castel Sant’Angelo; you could stay away from the crowds, choosing to visit a public garden or a Villa decorated in perfect Italian style.


In some cases, you will find in the text the links to the tours of the Rome Guides Cultural Association that best suit the specific Itinerary: so, if you prefer to discover the beauties of Rome through the experience of a professional Tourist Guide, or if you need a general help to adjust your itinerary, please contact us with an email.

As we always say, do as Romans do. Feel the local atmosphere, travel to the heart of the Eternal City looking with the same curiosity at the tiny medieval houses and at the huge luxury hotels.

The last suggestion that we would like to recommend you is to take your time. Someone thinks that a couple of days, particularly in the high season between April and October, are more that enought to see the highlights of Rome. Forget it: a week, a month, a year, an entire life is not enough.


If possible, keep in your mind this information: when you will arrive, the wonderful atmosphere of Rome will be here waiting for you and, when you will leave, the Capitol of Italy will wait for your return. However, in order to maximize your time, use the Roman Itineraries at the beginning of your holiday too: start to book the tickets in advance, make your room reservations or rent your apartment, read the reviews, organize your shopping, calculate the tips that you would like to leave and the souvenirs that you would kile to purchase, choose the means of transport that you will pick to save time and money.

Now, you have just to have a look to our Roman Itineraries, starting to discover Rome with us: at the end, you will build in your mind a visual map with all the destinations, and Rome will become your home.