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The Trastevere Tour offers you the opportunity to visit a completely different aspect of the city of Rome, far away from the modern chaos and confusion. It will be a different experience compared with other tours, as Trastevere is a very special area, where the authentic traditional aura of Rome is still alive: the inhabitants of the District consider themselves first Trasteverini and only later Roman citizens. You will love the atmosphere of this corner of Rome!

The Trastevere Tour will start from the monument dedicated to the Roman poet Belli: the Trasteverini beloved him so much that they erected the statue with his effigy at their own expense.


After a brief look at the Church of San Crisogono, restored by the powerful Cardinal Scipione Borghese, we will head towards the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. Inside, the mosaic apse, the icon of the Madonna della Clemenza (6th century), the wooden ceiling by Domenichino and the Avila Chapel, a jewel of Baroque perspective, stand out. This ancient church is a masterpiece of art, and if you plan to visit the square in front of it during the night, you could see crowds of tourists tasting the local street food and a glass on wine sitting on the steps of the fountain.

After a short walk, where we will spot the Fountain of the Barrel, you will be hypnotized iwhen the Guide will show you the Ecstasy of Blessed Ludovica Albertoni, a masterpiece by Gian Lorenzo Bernini who, despite of the “privacy” of the blessed woman, chose to represent her divine exaltation. To admire other stunning works by Bernini, you could choose the Borghese Gallery Tour offered by Rome Guides.


Finally, we will conclude our stroll in the Church of Santa Cecilia: the church holds gems as the extraordinary statue of Stefano Maderno and the interesting mosaic apse depicting Pope Pascal I.

Under the floor of the church there is a vast series of underground rooms, which ends in the admirable crypt renovated in the 20th Century: enjoy the experience to enter in an unexpected fragment of Art Nouveau in Rome.

In the morning, at specific times, it will also be possible to have access to the choir with the frescoes by Pietro Cavallini, depicting the Last Judgement. It is less popular than the Michelangelo’s one in the Vatican, but it represents a shining example of the artistic quality in the Italian medieval history.

You could mix this cultural tour with other activities, for example a food tour, exploring every corner of the Trastevere District, finding you favourite place to relax or have a nice dinner: however, remember to book in advance your restaurants, as they are full of guests every day!

If you decide to travel to Italy, Trastevere cannot miss in your trip!


The lenght of the Trastevere Tour will be about 3 hours.

The Trastevere Tour does not include the payment of the tickets necessary to enter the crypt of Santa Cecilia and the choir with the Last Judgement. The entrance in the churches is for free.

Trastevere Tour, Trastevere Tour, Rome Guides
Trastevere Tour, Trastevere Tour, Rome Guides
Trastevere Tour, Trastevere Tour, Rome Guides
Trastevere Tour, Trastevere Tour, Rome Guides
Trastevere Tour, Trastevere Tour, Rome Guides

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