VBI MAIOR is a cooperative card game of skill, memory and mind-connection, from 3 to 6 players.

The game has been created by Rome Guides, an Association of Tourist Guides of Rome: the objective is to provide a comprehensive understanding of people and events that have most characterized the history of the Eternal City, divided into 90 fundamental moments. 

Try to psychologically read the attitudes of the other players. keep in mind the cards in your decks. Respect the chronological order of the main events of the history of Rome. In the meantime, positive events (Blessings) and negative forces (Curses) will try to influence the course of events.

The aim is to gain the number of Victory Points indicated by the chosen difficulty level and variable according to the number of Players.

Here you can download the Rulebook of VBI MAIOR in English and Italian.


By scanning the QR-Code printed on the back of each game card, you’ll be able to learn more about the topic being directed on a specifically dedicated page. In this way, Ubi Maior also becomes a perfect way to delve into the main events and the most famous traditions of the history of Rome.

In this page are listed all the 90 Rome Cards of the game: clicking on each one of them, you will access the page dedicated to that number, as you would do scanning the QR-Code.

The Blessing Cards and the Curse Cards are accessible only by scanning the QR-Code on the back of the cards.